If you are experiencing numbness, tingling under your feet or in your palm, you may be suffering from neuropathy. There are many natural remedies for neuropathy that can help to cure the disease effectively.

Neuropathy sharp pain is actually caused by the damage nerves. Other common signs are cramps or pain in the calf muscles and it is very common among people who are suffering from diabetes. Failing to control blood sugar levels, injuries or infections can trigger neuropathy.

Neuropathy is a medical condition that is related to nerves. Make a visit to your doctor and get some advice. Remember early detection is the best prevention.

It can be a single nerve or interrelated nerves. There are 3 types of nerves

  • autonomic nerves – cause the heart rate to change and high blood pressure
  • sensory nerves – cause numbness and tingling
  • motor nerves – makes hands and feet weak

Other contributing factors to neuropathy are

  • imbalance diet
  • alcohol
  • toxins
  • cancer

Natural Home Remedies For Neuropathy


Fish Oil

natural remedies for neuropathy







Many years ago people believe that fish oil has a negative effect on type 2 diabetes. But today fish oil is highly recommended as one of the best natural remedies for neuropathy because it can rebuild the damage nerves.

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. These properties can treat neuropathy for type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Include at least 2 gram of fish which is high in omega-3 to your daily diet.

Chili Pepper

natural remedies for neuropathy

Hot chili pepper is a wonderful spice that is used in food preparation to make food taste good, spicy and hot. It gives great satisfaction for those who love hot and spicy food. Chili peppers are rich in nutrients and contain an active component called capsaicin which gives the burning sensation.

Chili pepper seeds contain more capsaicin than the skin. Capsaicin prevents gastritis by protecting the stomach lining and improves your appetite at the same time.

The study shows that chili peppers can boost metabolism and protects your body from fungal attack too. Capsaicin also gives a quick relief for nerve pain.

Whole Grains

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Eating whole grains diet is healthier than eating refined grains food products. Whole grains do not increase sugar levels quickly because it contains fiber and nutrients. Fiber helps to delay the process of getting hungry and contribute positively to body weight management.

While the cleaned refined grains make you go hungry quickly and increase your body fat. Refined grains such as white flour worsens your neuropathy symptoms. Good choice of whole grains will be

Moreover, refined grains contain glycemic can increase your sugar levels quickly and cause diabetic neuropathies. Due to this the glycemic, intake must be reduced or control to prevent neuropathy.

Evening Primrose Oil (EPO)

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Evening primrose oil is well known in for its medicinal values to cure illnesses, improve skin appearance and balance hormones naturally. This home remedy for neuropathy has been used for many years.

EPO is a good source of gamma-linolenic acid which is rich in omega-6 and omega-3 essential fatty acids. It has proven to repair damaged nerves which are caused by diabetes.

Add EPO as supplements to your daily diet which helps to relieve neuropathy pain. Recommended dosage will be 500 -1500 mg per day but start with 500 mg first. Consult with your doctors first before taking these supplements.

Vitamin D

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Recent studies show that people who suffer from neuropathy pain have vitamin D deficiency. As such vitamin D supplement is recommended for diabetics but you need to check your vitamin D level first.

Your vitamin D level should be in the range of 50 -80ng/ml. If the reading shows less than 40ng/ml that means you need to take supplements. At the same time, you can also increase by eating more vitamin D rich foods such as

Exposing yourself to morning sunlight can benefit your body by improving your skin and increasing vitamin D naturally. Sunbathing is good but do it in the morning.


From the desk of Dr. Randall C. Labrum – Neuropathy Expert, and Former Neuropathy.  In my own battle with Neuropathy, I often felt like I was walking barefoot through cactus.  At other times it was as if I were stepping through a bed of hot coals left by a campfire.


natural remedies for neuropathy