Natural remedies for asthma can prevent asthma attacks.  No two person with asthma will have the same symptoms,  it varies from one person to another. The common symptom among the asthma sufferer is difficulty in breathing.

They have trouble breathing because their lungs are very sensitive and easily get affected by the surrounding factors. Many things can trigger an asthma attack such as

  • cold air
  • smoke
  • tobacco smoke
  • pollen
  • dust mites
  • mold
  • pet dander

Asthma can be triggered by allergies or none allergies but the reaction can be immediate. There is no cure for asthma but there are measures to control and manage even though the attack is severe.

You need to find out what is actually causing the illness. The following steps in the natural remedies for asthma can help to prevent from getting the attack.

Natural Remedies For Asthma

Dust Mites

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These microbes are the most common asthma triggers.  They grow well on food debris and in high humidity environment.

  1. Cover your nose and mouth with a surgical mask when you do your house cleaning. Leave once you have completed the task and allow the dust to settle.
  2. Use a vacuum cleaner or damp towel with hot water to clean and remove dust. Do not use a broom to sweep as this can stir up the dust.
  3. It is easier to keep the floor clean and hygiene without the carpet. It is alright to use the washable rugs because you can wash them anytime you want.
  4. If you want to maintain the carpet, make sure you clean it regularly.  Bearing in mind that carpet is the best place for microbes to grow.  A vacuum cleaner is not good enough, you need to place the carpet under the sun to kill the microbes.
  5. If you use curtains to make sure it is washable. If the glass is tinted without curtains that will be even better.
  6. Don’t store things under your bed. Dust can get accumulated and difficult to clean or vacuum.
  7. Wash your blankets, pillow covers, and bed sheets once a week with hot water to kill the bacteria.
  8. Do not use pillows made from feathers, use polyester or Dacron pillows.
  9. You may want to use the air purifier in the bedroom to avoid dust particles.


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The fungus is a parasite that grows on living and non-living organic as mold, downy mildew or dry rot.  Fungi produce millions of spores that float in the air.  When someone touches or inhale the spores, the allergic reaction may take place and lead to asthma.

To avoid this from happening

  1. Make sure windows are kept closed at all times to prevent spores from coming in.
  2. Don’t go into a store room, basement or attic because it has poor air ventilation, stuffy, airless, damp and smelly.
  3. Make sure there is no mold growth in the bathroom, under the sink, on the wall or in the closets.
  4. Make sure the air condition system, humidifiers, and vaporizers are well maintained.


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Plants release pollen too when they are blooming. They are pollinated by the insects, the wind and human. Pollen pollinated by the wind can cause serious problems to asthmatics.  You need to learn to live in this environment.

  1. Keep your windows closed and stay inside when the lawn grass is being cut and removed.
  2. Use air condition to keep the room cool and air purifier to clean the surrounding air.
  3. Change your clothes and take shower whenever you come into your home.


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Your pet can trigger your asthma as well.  What actually causing the problem is their body dead cells. Whenever they lick their hair or skin, the dander goes into their saliva. You can get some of it whenever you have direct contact with them.

  1. The best thing you can do is not to keep a pet. If you are adamant about it then you need to follow some strict guidelines.
  2. Don’t allow your pet into your bedroom or car. If you don’t follow this, you are allowing the dander into your room and car.
  3. No hugging and kissing. Bathe them once a week. Always wash your hands after touching them.


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Cigarettes smoke can trigger asthma by paralyzing the fine hair-like cilia and mucus inside the wall of nasal cavity.  Tobacco can also reduce your body immune response and susceptible to infection of upper respiratory.

Asthma patients must quit smoking if they want to breathe without difficulties and stay healthy. Do not expose yourself to secondhand smoke as this can irritate your airways and trigger an asthma attack.


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You must be very sensitive to weather change.  Take all the necessary steps to get protected and pay attention to the temperature change, wind velocity, humidity, and barometric pressure.  You need to stay indoors if you find the weather to be too cold or windy.


It is quite common for a child or an adult to be allergic to certain foods.  Most allergy reactions are mild but there are cases where it can be severe or even life-threatening.  The only cure for food allergies is to avoid food allergens.

Cow’s milk, goat’s milk, soy milk and wheat are the most common foods that trigger asthma among children.

You need to stop immediately feeding your child with products that trigger asthma.  Always read the product ingredients first before purchasing.

Shellfish, fish, chicken, eggs, nuts, milk, grapes, and strawberries are most common foods that trigger allergic among adults but it is uncommon for food allergies to trigger an asthma attack.

Healthy Life Style

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Always have a balanced diet, drink plenty of plain water, exercise regularly and don’t get too tired.  Your body can get infected if you get too tired. Aerobic exercise may be an ideal workout for asthmatics.

You need to stop exercise if you feel tightness in your chest. Use a bronchodilator if you find difficulties in breathing. Sit on a chair with the right body posture and take a deep breath.  Breathe in as deep as possible for few seconds and release slowly.

Try this exercise 3 to 4 times daily and learn to relax.  Stress and emotional changes such as feeling sad or depress can trigger an asthma attack. Only you can take care of your body.


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